Welcome to my new website! I don't actually know if I'm able to get pregnant yet, so until we conceive (confirming that I am, indeed, fertile) this site will be underdeveloped. Once the seed is planted, however, it will grow and expand and then things will get really exciting!

In the meantime you can keep up with our reproductive efforts via my fertility blog, by signing up for my newsletter, and/or by joining where you can spy on us fucking and see my naked non-pregnant body in photos & videos.

blue eyed fertile Trixie


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Fertile Trixie is a sexually-charged exploration of reproduction, pregnancy, and the erotic fertile mother archetype. Much of the content on is adult (pornographic) in nature with explicit nude photos and videos of sex, pregnant women, and lactation. It speaks to pregnancy fetish interests (also known as maiesiophilia) and role plays such as fertility, goddess worship, progressively growing larger breasts and bulging bellies (aka "inflation"), and other eroticized depictions of physical and sensual changes related to pregnancy and motherhood.

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